Epidemiological modeling

I wrote some code over the weekend. I have a new project coming up in Rust. Because I don't have as much experience with the language as I would like, I decided to build a less ambitious project first. To simplify what I did, I took the Kermac-McKendrik epidemiological model and turned it into a cellular automation. Then I added ability to track immunity and have it degrade over time. I just got it cleaned up enough to post for others to see and to format it to HTML. To put it in another way, It is a software model to track the spread of an epidemic.

I am seriously thinking about reworking it this weekend. I will probably add the ability to track more than one geographic location and have a small amount of travel between them. I will definably be porting over my threads library from C++ to Rust. This will allow the code to run 50 states at the same time. I will probably not post the threads code as, it is proprietary and potentially worth quite a bit of money.

If anyone wants to build the code themselves, I am including a link to main.rs and the Cargo.toml file.

Please feel free to play with the code all you want. Don't redistribute it or use it to make money. If you want to ask questions about the code. You can best contact me through my Facebook page.